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Bodystockings - They’re So In Right Now

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Lady Gaga. Madonna. Beyonce. These are just a few of the performers who regularly don bodystockings for both on-stage productions and a night on the town. Fergie, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj are also popularizing the bodystocking trend into a movement. We are quickly seeing this former fashion faux-pas explode into a fashion-forward wardrobe must as it crosses music industry lines to A-list celebrities. From influencers such as the Kardashian sisters to the comparatively demure, but daring Amanda Seyfried, to the edgy cougars such as Demi Moore; bodystockings are on the rise. Even Britney Spear’s world-class marketing team and premier fashion consultants have crafted her Vegas comeback by bringing back that signature sparkly nude bodystocking from her 2004 hit music video, Toxic.

I Get It. Bodystockings Are Hot, But What Are They?

A bodystocking is not a leotard. It is a full-body fitted or skin-tight one-piece. It covers the torso, legs, and sometimes arms. They come in a multitude of styles and colors. All manner of wide and tight knit fishnets are popular. There is a wider weave, called fencenet that gives the wearer a hint of intricate full-body bondage for the 50 Shades crowd. Others are a stretchy nylon with cutout panels for a flirty flash of flesh. Sheer, opaque, and everything in between means you can wear a different composition and construction every day of the year and still won’t exhaust your options. There are designs with increasingly intricate details such as rhinestones, corset-style lacing, and racy ruffles. An international favorite and especially flattering design is the full lace bodystocking.

I Don’t Have the Body of an A-List Celebrity. Why Would I Consider a Bodystocking?

First of all, change your self-talk. You are a beautiful, powerful woman who can wear what she wants! Second, celebrities also come in all shapes and sizes and still pull off this powerhouse garment. The answer is simple, bodystockings are incredibly sexy and are suited for all body types. They are made with a comfortable stretchy material. As a one-piece, it helps to shape your figure while following your natural curves, rather than cutting inward at unnatural angles. The full lace version is beautiful and covers all manner of imperfections while communicating an edgy, daring, and feminine portrayal. One feature we’re all thankful for is a manufacturing term called the “convenience crotch” which means the bodystocking is easy to wear for long periods and has some understandable appeal to both partners.

I’m Sold. Now, How Do You Wear Them?

There’s more than one way! As an intimate, they are unusual and unique, which immediately makes them fun and attractive. They are designed to be flattering in all the right places without falling back on the bra-panty variation. Throw on your favorite heels and you’re set.

Bodystockings are also an incredible accessory for both daytime and date night attire. Add an oversized sweater with a belt and watch your partner’s eye light up when your strip-tease later reveals the unexpected full-body look. For a statement outfit, wear it with cute evening shorts or a short skirt. Add a pretty, decorative bra underneath and an open flowy blouse tied at the navel. If the blouse isn’t your style, opt instead for a cropped leather jacket or a jean jacket.

As your So Sexy Lingerie Proprietress I hope you allow me to provide you with the Oh La La Cheri seamless lace bodystocking. It’s affordable, comfortable, fun and a perfect addition to your fashion-forward wardrobe must-haves for this year.

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