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How to Launder Your Lingerie

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Whether we’re talking about the reliable workhorse bra that ends up in a heap on the floor every night, or the barely-there lace boy shorts you reserve for weekend stay-cations, they’re all delicates and they have their own set of washing instructions. Caring for your delicates as a delicate matter will help to ensure their longevity and will save money in the long run.

Tip: Check the Instructions

Obvious, right? So many people forget the instruction tags are even there. Manufacturers know how to wash their garments, especially when there is a mix of fabrics involved. If you cut the tags off, whether for comfort or looks, make a note of the instructions and leave it in the laundry room to reference.

Tip: Fasten Hooks and Use an Intimates Bag

If you decide to machine wash, be sure to fasten the clasps to prevent them from hooking onto and damaging other items. Use a mesh intimates bag to keep your intimates from being stretched and twisted during the wash.

Tip: Hand-Wash How-To

Fill a sink or bowl with warm or cool water. Add about a tablespoon of detergent and gently work the sudsy water through your garment. No wringing or scrubbing necessary. Rinse everything in cool water and consider using a little white vinegar to help remove any soap residue.

Tip: Stains

If you notice any stains, just apply and gently work in a little detergent to the area. Allow the item to pre-soak for about ten minutes and then add the rest of your load and continue to hand-wash.

Tip: Water Temp

Warm or cool water will be gentle on your unmentionables, won’t shrink them, and won’t damage the elastic. However, cotton panties can take the hot water, and you’ll find it’s more hygienic that way.

Tip: Drying

Don’t put anything delicate in the dryer. Just don’t do it. Dryer heat shrinks fabrics, deteriorates the elastic, and shortens the life of most clothes. Instead lay everything flat to dry or hang it on a clothesline. Re-Shape items with padding prior to leaving it to dry overnight.

Tip: How Often to Wash

Panties need to be washed after every use, but the general rule of thumb for bras is every other use. Perspiration, deodorant, lotions, perfumes, and body oil build up on garments so don’t leave them sitting in the hamper for too long (less than a week).

Bonus Tip: Detergent

There are plenty of gentle detergents on the market. You don’t need to rely on the same hefty detergent you use for your clothing. Gentle, all-natural detergents will ensure those items closest to your skin will be free of irritants and sudsy toxins. Consider Dr. Bronner’s liquid cleaner, a trusted, biodegradable and ethically sourced cleanser. Or whip up your own batch of DIY detergent using Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, Arm & Hammer Washing Soda, and a little bit of non-toxic, natural, organic baby shampoo.

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