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Lingerie Trend Watch, 2016

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It’s New Year’s and we are about to ring in a sexy, body positive 2016 with midnight kisses, resolutions, and hopefully some new lingerie! To celebrate, I’m looking forward to some pretty exciting 2016 lingerie trends!

Woman Born Without Legs Lands New Lingerie Modeling Campaign

1. The year body positivity will be taken to a whole new level. We saw some newsworthy changes and campaigns in 2015 that point to a lovely #allsizesmatter trend on the horizon, such as this model, who was born without legs, landing an awesome lingerie campaign. Plus the discussion happening in France that would require a doctor’s healthy diagnosis before a model can work the runway.


2. Daytime Lingerie. So many people have used lingerie as a way to spice up the night, but wearing lingerie throughout the day is springing up everywhere. It not only makes us feel like superheroes with a beautiful undergarment superpower secret, peek-a-boo styling is also a gorgeous addition to our feminine daytime wardrobe. Our most recent addition to the So Sexy ingerie collection, designer Tia Lyn, has brought us machine washable lace and satin undergarments. Wear them as a lacy feminine touch under a blazer, or under a blouse in the evening. Either way, daytime lingerie is here to stay.


3. Vintage Inspired Lingerie. Vogue, PopSugar, and Elle have all named this one and I couldn’t agree more! Earlier this year we welcomed, Elila, an exquisitely designed line of vintage inspired lingerie with modern technology built into the structure and the fabric. This ensures optimal comfort and long-lasting wear, with the classic beauty and attention to detail only vintage fashion can inspire. This trend is bigger than retro fashion. It speaks to taste and true talent in designing lingerie for both function and wardrobe must have fashion.


4. Edgy Classy Lingerie. A while ago, I posted about  bodystockings and the uptick in a Hollywood fashion movement that uses bodystockings as flattering lingerie as well as beautiful lacy additions to make your outfits spark with edgy confidence. This trend is continuing into 2016 and it will be fun to watch as it grows and evolves. Make sure this wardrobe must-have is in your closet - and soon! Early adoption is the very foundation of being edgy.


5. Pajamas as Lingerie, Not Just Loungewear. Well, not the fuzzy flannel pajamas with cute cupcakes or sushi pictures. We’re talking silk, satin, and lace at your next date night finale or pajama party. Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, givenchy, and Alexander Wang all agree with me. Saucy, sexy, and sassy lingerie inspired pajamas are your best bet for a cozy Sunday breakfast in bed this coming year.

Lovers Beach Tankini from Swim & Sexy Apparel

6. Lingerie-Inspired Swimwear. Sunny and radiant beachwear fashion inspired by your inner mermaid, the archetype of mysterious ageless women. Hypnotizing silhouettes, sublimated and ornate curves, sheer touches, pleating, voluptuous draping, and strappy numbers with flattering cut-outs brings a whole new sizzle to the beach scene. The two used to be exclusive in design and inspiration, but this summer, the gap between lingerie and swimwear is getting a bit smaller. Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean swimsuits are getting smaller - just better, because lingerie design technology for support and style is finally crossing an ocean-wide divide into the swimwear and beach apparel industry.


7. Colors, Textures, & Attention to Detail. Beautiful embroidery, such as the gorgeous attention to detail in the  Elila line is top of the list. Colors are mostly warm, including oranges, yellows, and metallics. Mint is one of the only cool color palettes making a splash and thank goodness, because it’s spectacular. And neutrals are important this coming year, not just because they are wardrobe staples, but because they are available in every shade to match skin tones and hide under apparel. Beige, black, and brown are best for the back to basics crowd, but now we are seeing taupe and a variety of beautiful flesh tones.

TIA LYN EURPHORIA BRALET MINT GRAY COLORThis 2016 will definitely be an exciting time for lingerie and intimate apparel, which means it’s going to be a fun, exciting, and sexy year for all of us. Happy New Year and warm wishes from your so sexy proprietress,

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